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About Us

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The Team

We are three individuals, who came together, creating this technically advanced adult novelty toy. It is not a first in this particular market, but it is our own initiative regarding 3D printing technology, android applications for smart phones and electronic programmed control with the aid of microprocessors and applicable software utilisation.

We are serious hobbyists and love to create, maintain and design with micro electronics, technology and software. Therefore we are proud to be able to deliver this product and to fulfill other market needs regarding affordability, technology and user friendly adult novelty toys. Credit is also given to our place of hobby in Centurion, South Africa: where this project was initiated from. It is our vision to deliver a way more affordable but really expensive and durable looking advanced adult novelty toy for female users or would the need to be for couples to have fun with.

The development of this item took us more than two years of trial and error, learning industries like marketing, electronics, microprocessors, android software, 3D printing and packaging. While we are satisfied that our sex toy creation already feature more modes for adult fun than other international competitors, we are not finished yet. We have more up our sleeves regarding added features for this adult novelty toy.

We work like this:

We trade as an online shop

  • This means we don’t have a physical retail store and only accept orders for all products in our catalogue via this website.
  • We stock our own range however some sub components are subject to lead times as its either custom made.
  • To buy, simply click on PRODUCT, add the item to your cart/basket and ready for check out!
  • You will then be directed to a checkout screen where you can change your order, delete items, change quantities etc.
  • Once we receive your order, it immediately gets attended to by our hard working team. We start to manufacture custom items, put together the items needed from local suppliers, wrap your goodies and send it off via our courier the moment it's all ready for dispatch. Once your order leaves our office, we immediately notify you by sms and email to advise you of the tracking number and expected delivery date.
  • Secure Payments. We offer secure payment through PayFast / PayPal. Both credit & debit cards can be used, as well as EFT & in some cases COD.
  • Countrywide Delivery. We use Dawn Wing, RAM & The Courier Guy to deliver to your door. Self-collection is also possible

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