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Wireless Controlled Peachbuzz BLACK

The wireless controlled (bluetooth/internet/wifi connections) Peach Buzz, is an adult plesure device controlled with your smart phone by using an applicable android application downloaded on our smart phone.

Yes, designed for women, but controlled by both sexes within distances of up to, 20 meters easily with bluetooth but in addition an easy option to go worldwide! Intimacy at a distance.

The Peachbuzz is a clitoris stimulator and is not an item to be inserted, but rather positioned/seated easily and comfortable within the clothing like pants and or jeans. The idea is, as you already are aware of, to be comfortable using this adult novelty while you are mobile, seated, or just simply in a position of choice.

The Peachbuzz can be used while walking, sitting or lying with great comfort. The Peacbuzz delivers strong direct vibrations which are totally controllable by the user from the Android application regarding speed and power combined of the vibration motor. 
Noise levels: <= 55dB with background noise of <=26dB. These specifications were done in a testing enviroment by using a speaker within a distance of 30cm from the vibration motor without the medical silcon enclosure, therefore the sound levels to be lower than specified with vibration motor build in the peachbuzz silicon enclosure.

The power supply of the Peacbuzz: Micro USB socket, 5VDC source like (laptop or similar) for recharging lipo battery. Once the battery is charged, expect a long continuous mobile full use, over and over, because of the built in battery.

Material, isolation and hygiene: Cured material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory to ISO 10993-10, Biological evaluation of medical devices, Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization.

The Peachbuzz is not waterproof at all but can be defined as splash proof, although our recommendations will always be not to get water into contact with the Peachbuzz. Yes, you will be able to clean the Peachbuzz with a soft dampened cloth. The micro USB sockets and on/off miniature switch will allow water penetration and will destroy the product!

The Peachbuzz is available in various colours. 

There are various button options in the user friendly android application: They vary from on/off to various wave forms and in addition make use of the smart phone accelerometer to enhance the use of the adult pleasure device.

The Android application: 

This android application is developed by one of the business partners and the application is constantly maintained and upgraded when necessary.

As stated above, the users have the option for Internet connection. The end user connects via bluetooth to the Peacbuzz and from the main screen menu select cloud option icon to generate an authorized pin number for her partner (remote smart phone). The remote phone in turn submits the given generated pin number after cloud connection option on the remote smart phone application. This enables the remote (partner) to fully control the Peachbuzz from his/her smart phone, worldwide which is connected via the end users smart phone bluetooth connection. The cloud connection will also work with 3g/4g mobile data connections when Wifi signals are not available. 

Looking at this screen shot of the application, we proof this application and adult novelty toy to be more advanced than other international competitors.

The application is user friendly and modern. It was developed with women reviews in mind.

Below is a picture of the Peacbuzz in different colours and currently two shapes are available, the more flat one in the middle.

The Peacbuzz on the far right, if looking more closely, you will be able to see the green light indication of the battery charging process.   

The user switches on the Peacbuzz with a miniature slide switch, adjacent to the USB socket. On status indication is given with haptic feedback.

User instructions HERE

The MODES more explained:

At the bottom of  the android application we have five round mode buttons. Once touched, the particular button becomes alive (activated) with a dark graphics. To deactivate, touch again and graphics dim to a gray colour.

Also on the application screen is a wiper (slider) to the left of the screen and there is a dial to the right hand side of screen. The slider represents the power (strenthg of vibration) of the peacbuzz and is displayed in the top communications window in a percentage value. The dial represents the speed of the vibration motor build into the Peachbuzz. The dial value is also displayed in percentage in the top communications window. This is what makes the Peachbuzz different from competitors, we combine speed and power to increase your fun possibilities while using the pleasure device.

This is the first button on the left of the application. It acts as a on/off switch. When activated, the vibration motor will start in a low power value. This mode activates the slider/wiper only. The slider enables your pleasure device to operate from zero to full power with the aid of the slider. In this mode, the speed dial is not active. Once the button is touched again, the vibration will stop.

Without being to technical about this button, it represents a square wave. In simple terms it means the vibration motor build into your pleasure device, will switch on and off in succession of the power and speed functions.

The above button is called in technical terms a "SINE WAVE". In simple terms it means the vibrations will gently increase from zero to full power and gently sliding back again to zero.

The above button is the typical "SAW TOOTH" wave, representing the shape of a saw. It will reach zero and full power in a quicker and steaper method compared to the sine wave button.

The above button is also interesting and exiting to use. It makes use of your smart phones build in accelerometer. It means when the cell phone is shaked or its direction is changed, the vibrations will follow the result accordingly.

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